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Since I started making tutorials for Beads of Courage artists, I thought I would make a page dedicated to all of them. These started out in 2020 when I wanted to pitch in with the 1000 bead challenge. I figured it was such a big feat to accomplish, that other artists might get stumbled and look for ideas when they get stumped. I love helping out people when I can and I love beads of courage and all that they do and stand for. so these tutorials were made when soda lime times came to me to ask if I wouldn't mind making some for their annual beads of courage magazine. for 1 year they would post 1 beads of courage tutorial in each issue then put them all together at the end in a magazine all their own. the proceeds to be donated to beads of courage.

each link will go to the magazine the original tutorial is in and then I'll provide a link to the final when it is published.

But first, these are the 2 YouTube video tutorials that started it all...

Beads of Courage/Soda Lime Times Tutorial Collection


August 2020


November 2020


September 2020


December 2020


October 2020


January 2021


February 2021

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